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The right usage of this subforum!

You own an amilo notebook and you want to share your experiences? Do it here.

The right usage of this subforum!

Postby Borkar » Sun Mar 26, 2006 12:18 pm

Hi there,

to make clear what we expect to be in this subforum, here some annotations:

  • Reports about your notebook written on your own. Try to cover as many aspects as possible.
  • Tests: Comparison of benchmarks, battery life, etc under different conditions. NO discussions about purchasing notebooks!
  • If possible, hints to tests on websites/magazines.

There should be only one thread for each notebook (with certain specs)! If you want to tell us your own opinion about a notebook that already has its own thread, just add your comments to this thread.

What is wrong in this thread?
  • All kind of problems/questions! There are other subforums for that.
  • Also no questions about experiences! For that, we have the subforum purchasing notebooks.

Please follow these rules. Thank you.

Kind regards,
the team
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