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Fix - Amilo don't power UP! just the chage led is on!

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Fix - Amilo don't power UP! just the chage led is on!

Postby AbelM » Thu Jul 17, 2008 12:27 pm

Good new's everyone,

Before start, i want to thaks to all members of this house, because they problems and solution result in this my "fix" :D

Soo, how many of you have a Amilo or another fujitsu model don't power on? and the only signal is the charge led... :roll:

Simple, remove the CMOS (in Amilo is in the same base of mouse) and replace that with 2 CMOS Baterry, one bottom other (to make more voltage) and Power ON the Notebook. If you notebook start, ok you solve some part of the problem, because this mean you have CONDENSADORES (sorry i don't know the correct name in english...) empty/damage/dry.

In this case i recomend to put a notebook in Technical electronics, and tell him you problem, ou you whit teh Multimeter can search for him :P

Abel Morais (Portugal)
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