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xa2528, minor issues

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xa2528, minor issues

Postby NekkruEvul » Sun Aug 31, 2008 12:38 pm

Just recently i bought this laptop, and i must say it seems to be a very good machine. I Immediately downgraded to XP as i am still skeptical of vista. Most things worked right from the installation, and most other things after manual driver installation.

However, there are some small problems that persists.

The first: for some reason, if i run any hardware listing software (like Sandra or Aida) or just check "system" from the control panel, it reports that i have 3gb of ram.. It should have 4gb, and this is also the number reported by the BIOS. Is this something i should try to fix? It also reports that the graphics card (GeForce 8600m GS) has 512mb memory, while it should have 256mb (RivaTuner reports 256mb though)

The second: Even when no software is running while displaying the desktop, i get small CPU Spikes of ~10% every 2 seconds.. The usage seems to be coming from csrss.exe, nvsvc32.exe and svchost.exe.. Is this a problem with my software setup, or is it natural for laptops? (what im thinking is that it could go to powersaving tasks, downclocking CPU and GFX-card while idle and stuff like that, this is the first laptop i've owned so im not sure how it works) Not a big problem though, just somewhat annoying to listen to the sound of the processor working while in complete standby..

The third and last: The "FN" keyboard shortcuts still don't seem to be working at all.. Is this something that is possible to fix, or something i have to accept while running XP?

As said, otherwise everything seems to be running fine.. Good performance overall, ~5800 points in 3dmark05 with GPU overclocked to 600 core, 500 mem. Max temp never goes over 80 degrees C, which probably is acceptable.. 1080p material also seems to be running smoothly, as does the games i've tested so far.

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Re: xa2528, minor issues

Postby hikaru » Sun Aug 31, 2008 7:23 pm

If you have XP 32bit it is normal that only about 3GB are detected. It can handle 4GB of RAM but the size of the shared RAM used by the graphics card and the AGP aperture size have to be subtracted.

I don't know why you see this discrepancy in your graphics memory.

The CPU spikes are normal, not only on notebooks.

I read some threads in the german amilo-forum to find out something about your problem with the Fn-keys. It seems like they should work out of the box. At least nobody complains about problems or mentions any drivers to make the keys work. So I have no idea why yours don't work.
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