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D 7830 wont POST

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D 7830 wont POST

Postby el gizmops » Sat Sep 06, 2008 11:38 am

Help please.
My laptop was working fine, a few days ago connected AC and zilch.
On power up with AC no POST, graphics and processor fan start running. No error code beeps. The 3 right hand lights flash once. HDD light flashes very briefly. DVD lights blink and power light stays green
With AC disconnected and battery fitted, low battery warning beeps but no POST and all as above.
With bottom case completely removed, graphics and processor fan disconected the hard drive can be heard spinning and ticking.
Graphics card, minus heat sink, warms up, I think the processor does slightly as well
New CMOS battery fitted, still the same.
Tried removing battery and AC and holding down power button for 10+ seconds for hardware reset. No effect.
What now, where can I download the BIOS settings to cd if required.
Thanks for any thoughts
El Gizmops
el gizmops
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