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How to use the forum search

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How to use the forum search

Postby Borkar » Sun Mar 26, 2006 12:53 pm

Before you start a new thread, please try to use the forum search. Very often the problem has already been discussed and there was a solution. To make it easier for you to find the existing threads, here some hints:

1. The internal forum search
The internal forum search is in general not as good as huge search engines, but it may also lead to good results if you pay attention to the following hints:
  • By default all words are linked with 'AND'. So, if you enter more than 1 word, all words have to be found.
  • The results are not sorted by relevance, but date. It is probable that there are useful threads beneath the results.
  • You can limit the search to one subforum.
  • You can only search for words with at least 3 letters. Words with less than 3 letters will be ignored. You can not search for version numbers since the dot seperates words.
  • You can use * as a replacement character. This means that if you search for *438*, you will also find results for M3438G, M4438, x438, etc
  • If you have not been successful, vary the expressions and use synonyms.

2. Search with Google
You can also use the Google search. There are more ways to specify the search. Google also supports the search for words with less than 3 characters and version numbers. The results are sorted by relevance.
The disadvantage is that you can not choose to search for certain subforums, authors, etc. Furthermore, google searches the signatures, which is not always useful. At least, google needs some time until it can find the latest threads.

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