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Installing XP on an Amilo xi2550 - nothing works!

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Installing XP on an Amilo xi2550 - nothing works!

Postby tuborg » Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:47 pm

Hey there,

I want to install XP Professional SP3 on the second of my two drives (the one without Vista) in order to dual-boot in the future. Like most of the others here I experienced problems with the XP install not finding any hard drives when attempting to install. I then started googling and found the excellent sticky guide on this forum, and created a new XP Install CD with the XP-Iso-builder where I integrated the correct drivers (SATA, Raid and chipset as recommended for newer laptops) as stated in the last section of the guide. I could see the XP Install loading the drivers but then still complained that it could not find any hard drives.

After this I did a BIOS / hardware reset which didn't make any difference, still no hard drives. I created a new XP-ISO using nlite instead of XP-Iso-builder, which once more resulted in the drivers being loaded but still no detection of the hard drives.

After this I started checking for possibilities to disable the AHCI-controller in the BIOS as suggested in many other posts, but the crappy Phoenix TrustedCore Bios 1.11c doesn't seem to offer any possibilities of disabling this at all.

As a last resort I also tried modding my original XP install CD with the DriverPack Base program, slipstreaming the DriverPack Chipset and DriverPack Masstorage and then creating the ISO with nlite. Same thing here, XP Install loads shitloads of drivers but still can't detect any hard drives.

Basically I am sitting here with 4 XP Install CDs and no clue what I should do differently from what I have already done in order to get it to work. Is there a BIOS update that makes it possible to disable the AHCI controller? Should I use other SATA drivers than the ones suggested in section 2.4 of the guide (which are also the ones suggested from the fujitsu siemens support for the xi2550)? Any other tips on what I could do? Is there someone out there with an Amilo xi2550 that got this to work?

Would really appreciate any input!!

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Re: Installing XP on an Amilo xi2550 - nothing works!

Postby hikaru » Tue Sep 16, 2008 8:11 am

In the german forum somebody made the installation work with this driver and nlite after having similar problems:

If you use a CD-RW you may save some money.
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