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Fixing Amilo A1630 keys

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Fixing Amilo A1630 keys

Postby KVirtanen » Thu Sep 18, 2008 3:30 pm

Hi there, FS gurus!

I've got a lovely warm A1630 laptop with a few broken keys, six to be exact. The problem is that the x-shaped black plastic "hinge" under the key, the one that's holding the key in place, is broken.

Instead of buying a new keyboard - or used even - I was wondering, are there other (Fujitsu-Siemens) laptops that use the exact same key attaching method? So I could just lend the "x-hinge" from another model's keyboard? I've found a 5-euro broken Amilo L1300 keyboard from the internet and was wondering if I could use the parts from that.

Kind regards,
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Re: Fixing Amilo A1630 keys

Postby hikaru » Fri Sep 19, 2008 7:39 am

I have no idea but I think 5 Euro is an acceptable risk.
Please let us know about the result if you try this one, so other users may benefit from your experience.
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