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Cooling system upgrade/tuning - Amilo Pa1538

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Cooling system upgrade/tuning - Amilo Pa1538

Postby IceMan1988 » Mon Sep 22, 2008 1:07 am

I am writing this topic because very weak cooling system in my notebook drives me mad. I see in many games that computer is capable to play the game, but frequently it slows down when CPU frequency and other things are reduced because of too much heat, most games slow down dramatically in this case. Can I solve that problem? On the bottom of notebook there is a grid like in upper right corner of this picture ... oV8010.jpg , but in my notebook it is covered and unused. Are there some parts to modificate it or more fowerful fans? Air stream from current fan is very weak even in case of huge system load (it is stronger in moment of starting when BIOS POST message is displayed, but it never gained as much rpm when working in Windows). I want my cooling system to be much more effective, even if it goes with more loudness of it. Thanks in advance for any help and sorry for my weak english ;)
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Re: Cooling system upgrade/tuning - Amilo Pa1538

Postby hikaru » Mon Sep 22, 2008 7:32 am

If you mean the round grill covering the fan and there is a foil closing this grill then you should remove the foil with a sharp knife. It will improve the effectiveness of your fan.

Besides this we basically have three tips to improve the cooling system:
1. Clean the fan and the grill from dust.
2. Get a cooler pad. We can't clearly recommend a specific model, you should chose one that fits best to your notebook (especially position of the fans).
3. Renew the heat condictive paste on CPU and GPU. (Attention: You will lose your warranty if you do so.)
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