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Amilo M6450G hardware problems

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Amilo M6450G hardware problems

Postby andymong » Tue Sep 30, 2008 1:30 am

Hi, I've got an M6450G which appears to be pretty dead, but I'm not sure if it's moboard,cpu-fan and/or CPU.
When I switch it on, the lights below the screen light up, nothing on the screen, no beeping, no fan activity at all, the hard drive powers up, but the cpu-fan won't. I suspect that the fan may be hosed and the CPU won't fire up so it doesn't go up in smoke b/c of heat.

There is no beeping whatsoever that would hint towards a memory/video problem.

A few things I checked was cable connections, fan power cabling..cpu doesn't heat up at all, removed extra memory, battery,wlan card, CD-rom, hard drive, checked cpu/heatsink, motherboard for obvious damages, power cabling...nada..

As I live in Japan at the moment, it is pretty much impossible to get spare parts, especially not a motherboard or a cpu fan. Has anyone experienced any of this before and/or does anyone happen to know where to find more detailed hardware/motherboard manual for this model?


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