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Problem with Pi1536 HELP!!!

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Problem with Pi1536 HELP!!!

Postby incek82 » Mon Oct 13, 2008 4:21 am


I have a FSC Amilo Pi 1536. I've upgraded the processor to Core Duo T2600 (before T2300E), RAM to 2GB /667 (before 1GB / 533), graphic card to x1800 (before x1400) and hdd to 250GB (before 80GB). Everything was fine till I upgraded the hard disk. I wanted to install the 7200rpm hdd instead the 5400rpm and during tests on the desk in the computer shop a problem occured. The Bios saw the 7200rpm, the xp installation disk run the setup, but while installation of xp (on the very beginning with the blue screen) the laptop turned off. After a few minutes I repeated the installation and the problem occured so I decided to install the 5400rpm hdd (not 80GB as original, but 250GB). Anyhow from that time I have a problem with turning on the laptop. If the laptop is cold (e.g. was off for 2hrs) after I press the power button, the laptop turns on, works 2 seconds, and turns off. Automatically starts on and the procedures repeats for about 3-5 minutes and finally turns on!!! In the meanwhile the lcd does not turn on, only the mainboard with attached drives. If I put the laptop into stand-by mode then the laptop is turning on, but the display is not turning on. Anyhow if the laptop was working and it's hot the laptop will turn on again without any problem. How can I solve that problem?

I would like to change my display (15.4" 1280x800) to a better one with a better resolution. Who knows if I can do that and how? Can I install the Full HD LCD in my Pi1536? Who has a manual for the display replacement? Will other display work with x1800 or GF 6800?

Please send me answers to my e-mail:
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Re: Problem with Pi1536 HELP!!!

Postby hikaru » Mon Oct 13, 2008 7:34 am

My knowledge about graphics hardware it pretty limited. So I can't help you with the graphics card or the display.

Concerning the HDD:
7200rpm-drives become hotter than 5400rpm-drives. Maybe it got just too hot in your notebook, it switched off and there is still some security switch working that prevents your notebook from running correctly.

Try a hardware reset:
Unplug main battery and power pack and hold the power button for about 15 seconds. Then try again.
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Re: Problem with Pi1536 HELP!!!

Postby incek82 » Mon Oct 13, 2008 11:40 am

The hardware reset didn't help. Because of x1800 I'm on the limit of power adaptor capacity (90W) and the 7200rpm use more energy (8W instead od 5W for 5400rpm) and I'm afreaid it might be a hardware problem :cry: Any suggestions?
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