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Intel Matrix Storage Manager - How to get the drivers? Topic is solved

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Intel Matrix Storage Manager - How to get the drivers?  Topic is solved

Postby hikaru » Tue Oct 14, 2008 3:21 pm

This is a translation of the thread "Intel Matrix Storage Manager - Wie komme ich an die Treiber?" in the german amilo forum written by User: Borkar.

Latest versions of the "32-bit Floppy Configuration Utility" contain all the necessary driver files for integration into and installation of Windows XP.
Download latest Intel SATA drivers at "Get Floppy Configuration Utility (for F6 installation)"
or use the direct link:

As a consequence the following tutorial has become useless. However it is still given below for completeness:


This may be necessary for the driver integration into a windows setup CD. (see,26,-Installation-of-Windows-XP-Home-Pro-PE-FAQs.html )


Strictly follow the advises in the given order:
Hint: Commands are always written in quotes " ". They have to be typed without quotes " ".

    1. Go to the homepage of the Intel Matrix Storage Manager:

    2. Click "Get The Latest Driver - Version XXXX"

    3. Chose your operating system (if unsure, chose "Windows XP Home Edition" or "Windows Vista")

    4. Click the newest version of the "RAID/AHCI Software - Intel® Matrix Storage Manager" in the "Drivers" section.

    5. Click "Download" of Version "English: IATAXXENU.exe" or "Multi language: IATAXXCD.exe" depending on your systems language and confirm the download in the next screen.

    6. Save the file to your hard disk (for example: Create the directory "Intel" on C: and save the file in C:\Intel\ )

    7. Open a command shell (command line).
    To do this go to Start - Run, enter "cmd.exe" and click "OK".

    8. Go to the directory where you saved the file. (for example: write "cd C:\Intel\" and press ENTER)

    9. Run the downloaded driver package with the following parameters:
    (for example: "iata82_cd.exe /A /P C:\Intel\")
    Hint: You can find the exact filename with the command "dir" or by pressing TAB while typing the filename

    10. Read and confirm the license agreement . If the setup issues error messages check the recent steps again.

    11. Now you will find the directories "Docs", "Driver" and "Driver64" in the given directory (for example: C:\Intel\) under the subdirectory "winall". The drivers for Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional (respectively Windows Vista) can now be found in "Driver". Here you also find the file "TXTSETUP.OEM" which is necessary for the driver integration like described here:,26,-Installation-of-Windows-XP-Home-Pro-PE-FAQs.html
    For further details please read "readme.txt" in the directory "Docs".


Annotations and suggestions to this thread can be offered via PM to> hikaru < or > Borkar <.
The German equivalence to this thread can be found -> here. Die deutsche Version zu diesem Thread findet ihr -> hier.
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Re: Intel Matrix Storage Manager - How to get the drivers?

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Re: Intel Matrix Storage Manager - How to get the drivers?

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