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Amilo Pi 2550 Battery problem

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Amilo Pi 2550 Battery problem

Postby bobans » Thu Nov 06, 2008 11:44 am

Hi everyone. So far I had great fun with my Amilo Pi 2550. I used my laptop mainly at home so I didn't needed the battery. But sometimes I used it on battery and everything was smooth. No problems at all. And because I was more at home, I decideto to remove the battery out of the laptop and store it on cool and dry place (as suggested). Now the time has come to go out of home more frequently, so I insert back my battery. And now I have a problem!

When on battery I noticed these changes:
1. the taskbar icon for battery shows "....(plugged in, charging) - My laptop isn't connected to adapter!
2. I can't switch between power plan! If I click on lets say Power Saver, the display brightness remains the same as with the High Performance and Balanced. I checked the plan settings for each power plan too see if they are changed, but no! they are all at their default settings.
3. the led is constantly blinking orange indicating that the battery is charging ... I will say it once again, the laptop is on battery right now... it isn't connected to the adapter.

Can you please tell me how to fix this problem.

Also I don't have indicator for the time left. I only have the percentage information.

Can I fix this also?

P.S. My current BIOS version is 1.11c. But let me tell you again that I didn't have these problems about 4 months ago with my current BIOS version. Everything was fine. Do you suggest that I go with the 1.15c verision?
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Re: Amilo Pi 2550 Battery problem

Postby hikaru » Mon Nov 10, 2008 7:32 am

Sometimes it is reported, that the battery has to be calibrated to be detected correctly.
I would recommend to do a hardware reset (remove battery & power pack, press power button for 15 seconds) and then do some charge-discharge-cycles with the battery. Maybe it will then be detected correctly again.

btw: Even if you don't use the battery you should discharge and charge it at least once a month.
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