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(amilo pro v2045) elusive second memory slot Topic is solved

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(amilo pro v2045) elusive second memory slot

Postby adx » Fri Nov 14, 2008 1:41 am

My laptop is an Amilo pro v2045 with default 512 MB RAM. I'm planning to upgrade that to 1 GB and hopefully to 2 GB If I can find the 2nd memory slot.
So far I got to know that I'm going to need DDR2 533MHz SODIMM modules (max 1 GB memory chip).
Went through the manual and located the first memory slot from the back of the laptop (got to open it and check out the first 256 MB memory stick)
However, now I'm stuck:
After going through the pages from this forum I got to believe that the second slot should be somewhere under the keyboard, at least it's so for other versions of FS laptops.
- There is no screw labeled K/B on the bottom of the laptop as it was suggested in other threads for other versions (this would unlock the keyboard)
- I scratched the keyboard on the sides hoping to find some latches, but I'm not going to push any further not to damage anything under the hood as I'm not sure any latches are actually there

Has anyone been able to successfully upgrade a 2045 to its full memory capacity ?
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Re: (amilo pro v2045) elusive second memory slot  Topic is solved

Postby hikaru » Fri Nov 14, 2008 8:12 am

We had the same problem in the german forum:,7686,-RAM-aufruesten-Amilo-Pro-v2045.html

jmsp wrote:Der zweite Speicher sitzt unter einem Abschirmblech unter der Tastatur.
Zum Ausbau der Tastatur muß man die Kunststoffabdeckung, unter der die Lautsprecher liegen, abnehmen. Sie läßt sich leicht von hinten mit dem Fingernagel hochheben; erst außen, dann an den Scharnieren und weiter bis zur Mitte. Alles ist mit Schnappverschlüssen befestigt.
Danach die Tastatur oben mittig etwas anheben und an den Seiten vorsichtig lösen, danach etwas nach hinten schieben. Vorsicht! Flexkabel auf der Unterseite. Unter dem kleinen Blech, das mit zwei Schrauben befestigt ist, liegt der Speicher.
The second module is underneath a plate below the keyboard.
To remove the keyboard remove the plastic cover that covers the speakers. This can easily be done by lifting it with your fingernail from behind; first on the outside, then on the hinges going on to the middle. Everything is fixed with spring locks.
Afterwards lift the upper part of the keyboard in the middle and carefully release the sides, then push it to the backside. Attention! Flex-cable on the underside. The memory is under the small plate that is fixed with two screws.

btw: You can also use PC2-5300 (667MHz). This type of memory works too and normally is cheaper. 2GB should work.
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Re: (amilo pro v2045) elusive second memory slot

Postby adx » Fri Nov 14, 2008 8:56 pm

Thank you for the help, hikaru - your reply was very informative. I managed to open the plastic case that covers the speakers (this is actually fixed with quite a number of latches) - then I pulled the keyboard away starting from the top until the middle, when I slided it towards the top (top = where the F keys are) while being careful on the cable below (the cable that connects the keyboard to the motherboard beneath).

There I found the metal slide that covers the second memory slot - this is somewhere beneath the left side of the space key and is fixed with 2 screws: the first one came out easily, but I had trouble with the second one which broke my screw driver - I'll try with a tougher screw driver later and if it doesn't come out I'll just rip it off :D

I hope others may find this thread informative as well and I thank you and the crew that setup this very useful forum from my (so far, more to come :) ) 1280 MB RAM Amilo v2045

[EDIT] Done, I'm now on 2048 MB RAM - just needed a better screw driver
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Re: (amilo pro v2045) elusive second memory slot

Postby mbehroozi » Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:04 am


I want to change my v2045 laptop memory from 2x256MB 533MHz to 2x1MB 667MHz. Last year, I experienced a Kingston 2MB 667MHz memory, but after 1 month, windows blue page in XP - which shows memory incompatibility - appeared for several times. So I decided to replace it with originals.

Now, I wanted to change the memories of two slots. Does anybody have experience if it works or maybe the same problem will happen?

Many thanks in advance!
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