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eSATA HDD enclosure connection problem.

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eSATA HDD enclosure connection problem.

Postby A-tempt » Wed Nov 26, 2008 12:16 am

I bought this SATA external enclosure ... -eh-35be2/
which can be connected via USB port or the eSATA port.
naturally I want to connect it to the faster eSATA.
i've stuffed it with a 320GB 3.5" Seagate Barracuda presuming that the 7200rpm is faster in comparison to the internal 5400rpm Western Digital on my Wlaptop.

-Now, the connection through the eSATA port works fine on my desktop PC running XP.
but when I connect it to my amilo pa3553 laptop (wich runs VISTA home premium) it doesnt do a thing,
nothing popping up, no new partitions, nothing in the disk management, no hardware changes in the device manager.
Even after rebooting (with the enclosure plugged in, turned on).

-connecting it through the USB port both the desktop XP PC and the laptop immediately recognize it popping up the new hardware wizard.

no new partitions though,
because in the disk management it sees it as DYNAMIC and therefore INVALID (on both computers) giving me an option to convert it to a basic disk and warning me of data loss wich isn't an option.

i'd rather make it work through the eSATA port on my laptop wich WORKS 100% fine on the desktop PC not having to convert it to a basic disk evading data loss.
but something tells me that would not be possible to do in VISTA.

Are my predictions correct?
How do I make the eSATA port to work if I dont even see the controler in the device manager?
is it under the USB controllers because the eSATA is combined with USB?

i have searched for help all around but with no luck :(

help please
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Re: eSATA HDD enclosure connection problem.

Postby aspettl » Wed Nov 26, 2008 5:45 pm

You shouldn't use "dynamic", I'd recommend to recreate the partition while it's not full ;-) (and of course save the data somewhere else in the meantime)
Then at least USB should work.

eSATA: afaik it's just an external port for the "normal" SATA controller. Do you see anything in the device manager or in the disk management tool, when you connect the drive via eSATA?

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Re: eSATA HDD enclosure connection problem.

Postby A-tempt » Thu Nov 27, 2008 1:37 am

well it is full, which is one of the reasons why I got the rack
300gigs of data is a bit tough for me to handle right now so I like it where it is, even if it wont work :(
so converting it to basic can whait.
and anyways usb is slow for what i'm doing, so I really need that SATA port.

Yes I would guess that its just a normal external SATA but the forkee thingy usb logo print above the eSATA gets me confused (or is that some universal logo?).

anyways as I said before nothing comes up in the device manager or disk management when I connect it via eSATA.
and shouldnt there be like a SATA controller in my device manager???
the internal Western Digital is recognized under the "Disk Drives"
is this where the external drive should be located when connected via eSATA aswell?
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