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Amilo 1526 shutdown on power up

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Amilo 1526 shutdown on power up

Postby Shnoob » Sat Nov 29, 2008 11:36 am


Ive had my Amilo 1526 for nearly 2 years now without a problem but this week it decided to start acting strange.
It first started in windows where the system would freeze and require a restart then on the restart nothing would happen except it would power off and start again.
Continues in an infinite loop and there is nothing on the screen. On the occassion it has managed to start the system works fine until it crashes or u shutdown then it starts all over again. Checked the hd with smart and all values are ok. Changed the ram, hd, took the cpu out checked everything was connected properly checked all cables i could; reset bios but still nothing. Any ideas how this problem just started?

When started u hear the cdrom drive then u can see the hd indicator move then it the cdrom again then it shuts down.
Also the caplock, numlock and the other icon with a lock on it is lit (has an arrow pointing down on a line, dunno what it is)
They dont show up on normal boot up.

Any help or ideas welcome, dont wanna buy a new laptop just yet
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Re: Amilo 1526 shutdown on power up

Postby olvas » Tue Jul 28, 2009 10:20 am

Any idea what happen when your's laptop shutdown on power up.
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Re: Amilo 1526 shutdown on power up

Postby AdB » Mon Sep 07, 2009 9:17 pm

i had the same problems. All of a sudden my Amilo XA 1526 would freeze and nothing i could do to make it work (so had to reboot).
This was a week ago. Then suddenly my Amilo crashed and did not startup again.
There seems to be a known issue with the graphics card and/or the fan algoritm. You need to update your BIOS according to Fujitsu or you will loose your laptop for a couple of weeks.
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