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Display problems, black screen, TV-Out,...


Postby Borkar » Sun Mar 26, 2006 1:06 pm


First, you need wires and adapters. You have to check:
  • Do you have a normal S-Video-TV-Out or a Mini-DIN connection? For the latter you need an adapter Mini-DIN to S-Video (e.g. ebay).
  • You need an extension cable for S-Video
  • Does your televison have a S-Video input connection? If not, you need an adapter to SCART.
  • For stereo sound it is enough to have a normal 3,5mm cinch cable that you can connect to the SCART adapter or to a hifi system.
For pretty old TVs you might need some special adapters.

Driver settings: (German)

A1640:,2194,-t ... html#16178
M1437:,2617,-A ... html#16175

Common problems:

I don't have anything on my screen!
- check wires
- update drivers (for ATI also try OMEGA drivers)
- tick option "force TV detection" (if option exists)

The screen is only in black and white!
- Try different settings in the driver menu. (e.g. color settings)
- maybe you need some special adapters.

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