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Amilo V2055 SMD inductor L39

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Amilo V2055 SMD inductor L39

Postby haydom » Mon Dec 15, 2008 10:17 pm

Hello folks!

Yesterday evening my V2055 died.
The bad guy was found quickly: The ferritcoating of inductor L39 PF 7R0 has blown up.
But which dimensons it has?
So on the first view I would say this is an 7µH/4,5A inductor made by Cooper Bussmann. But not really shure..
Would be fine to know this. Then I can see if it worth to take on way 6 hours Landrover ride to Arusha where I perhaps can get it.
(For now my job brought me to Tazania. Direct into the bush somewhere between Mt. Kilimanjaro and lake Victoria) Or if I have to order it at home and waiting for delivery at least 4 weeks...

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