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Amilo 1818 with numerous problems!

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Amilo 1818 with numerous problems!

Postby nwhessian » Mon Jan 05, 2009 12:44 am

I have an amilo 1818 with a few problems1
At the moment it plays up every time i power up.
I press the power button, and the power light comes on and stays on but nothing on the screen.
I then hold the power button down and lights flash and it switches off.
Following this procedure i can then press the power button again and it switches on but i have to go through the repair your computer options to get it running again.
Its been back to fujitsu twice now, and the final time they claimed it had water damage voiding the extended warranty i forked out for.
Their repair quote totalled at just under £300 to replace the dvd drive and keyboard, so i opted not to have it repaired.
Had it back, fresh install etc and it ran fine for a week and then the problem slowly started happening more and more again.
I hate this laptop wiht a vengeance, the first one i had got stolen so even worse is that i have bought the laptop twice and had nothing but grief.
The other problem is the poor wireless signal it always gets, and the fact that every time i switch on i have to turn on wireless capability through the diagnose a problem feature in vista.
Cant find a fix for this either.
I am considering throwing it down the stairs as i have wasted so much time with this machine that cost a good £550 (twice)
Any fixes or advice would be much appreciated.
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