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amilo pa-2510 upgrade RAM memory Topic is solved

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amilo pa-2510 upgrade RAM memory

Postby puxing » Tue Jan 06, 2009 1:20 pm

Does anybody know wich is the maximum RAM memory can I install on my amilo pa-2510??
thank you very much.

P.D. excuse me for my bad english.
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Re: amilo pa-2510 upgrade RAM memory  Topic is solved

Postby aspettl » Wed Jan 07, 2009 8:37 pm

In the German forum littlebastard wrote [1] that 3 gb work. Probably 2 x 2 gb will work, too (but you can only use them partially in a 32 bit system).


[1],23947,- ... ml#p155932
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Re: amilo pa-2510 upgrade RAM memory

Postby puxing » Fri Jan 09, 2009 11:39 pm

Thank you aspettl for the information.
yesterday I went to the computer store and I bought a 2Gb module of RAM memory DDR2 667 Kingston and it works well.
after the installation both BIOS and Windows Vista recognice the other 1Gb DDR2 module and the new 2Gb module, so now I have got 3Gb of RAM in my amilo pa 2510 laptop.
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Re: amilo pa-2510 upgrade RAM memory

Postby amilo44 » Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:57 am

I have just upgraded my amilo pa 2510 and working fine.

I previously had 2 x 1GB and replaced one of these with 2GB 667Mhz DDR ram

To do this :

Disconnect the battery
Remove back panel by unscrewing surrounding screws
push the two grey plastic pins that hold the ram in place horizontally away from the ram chip (this should make the ram pop up and let you pull it out)
Put the new ram in the same orientation and push down so the grey plastic pins lock it in place.
Close up and restart
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Re: amilo pa-2510 upgrade RAM memory

Postby Corpse » Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:21 pm

Not sure whether someone is still interested in upgrading the RAM on 2510.

I've just upgraded mine to 4 GIGs! Both Bios and Windows 7 x64 bit have recognized them properly, but it turned out that audio device is not working (just not seen in the system) and the screen shows white stripes all over the screen on logon and shutdown. Everything else was perfect. The system was like a Jumbo jet. So I just took off one of the 2 gigs ram slots and everything started working fine. I didn't try a fresh installation of Windows or Linux on 4 gigs, so, I'll probably give an update later on it, but I suppose the result will be the same. The motherboard bus and the processor just can't handle that much.

The information that I'll give below is FYI only. If you decide to follow my steps, please note that you do it at your own risk.

"Where is the 2nd slot?" many will ask. It's on the opposite side of the motherboard. :)

I have faced several problems with my amilo (like a failed ethernet port, sound problems, video problems, etc. Unfortunately, technical support for Fujitsu in my country is awful, so I have decided to take a screw-driver and decompile my amilo to the last piece. In general, one can unscrew all the screws on the outter cover, take it off, then unplug all the wires off the motherboard, take off the cooler and the processor, HD, etc - the motherboard will release smoothly. turn it around and you will see the second slot for the RAM.

Actually, there is a way to get to the second slot from atop of amilo. There are plastic jacks under the keyboard (like on Dells) that will let you just take off the keyboard and get to a single screw that will open the cover of the second slot. I have not figured out how to take the keyboard off, so I went a long way from it's bottom.

And I'm still not sure whether 4 gigs is actually possible for this system.
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