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Amilo xi 3650 advice needed

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Amilo xi 3650 advice needed

Postby rxkevco » Wed Jan 07, 2009 7:55 pm

Hi all , ,
Wow , ,been a long time since i have been on this forum , , testament to the good build quality of my A1650G workhorse which is still going like new after what must be 6 years ( i think ).
However, , its time for an upgrade and i am getting a great deal thru my employer to get a desktop AND a laptop ! !

Right, anyway, i am buying a new AMILO Xi 3650 with the 18.4" screen ,2 x 500gb hardrives , blue ray player, core 2 P8400 cpu, and 4GB of ram.
I am getting the laptop AND , , ,
the Pi 3630 Quad core desktop as well, Q8200cpu,,,with a 26" monitor, , , , again, with blue ray player, 4gb ram and 2 x 500 gb hard drives.
Both have 3 years AVG full licence , full, Vista premium,, office 2007 pro and 3 yrs FSC warrenty.
I am getting them from the lets-connect scheme with fsc and the nhs , ,money comes directly out of your monthly salary ( before deductions !) , ,just under £60 a month, including a few extras like a decent xxl targus bag, an epson all in one printer and a couple of fsc 16GB flash drives included as well

Just wondered if anyone on here actually owns one and could give me a bit more info on them.

What i would like to know really is, , , whats this BRILLIANTVIEW lcd screen like ??
Its difficult to tell really, but it looks like its a glossy screen as opossed to the bog standard type lcd screens, , ,am i correct in thinking that ? ?
its very difficult to tell from the pics i have seen so far, is it glossy or not ?
Also, i the 26" monitor with the desktop a brilliantveiw screen as well, or just standard lcd ?

Just like to know if there is anything to look out for, particulary with the Xi3650 laptop , , any little quirks, ,any known faults ? ?

Cant find any decent reviews anywhere

Many thanks, , kev
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Re: Amilo xi 3650 advice needed

Postby rxkevco » Sun Jan 11, 2009 9:31 pm

Anyone ! ! :(
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