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Amilo Pi1505 Lighter Halo on the Screen

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Amilo Pi1505 Lighter Halo on the Screen

Postby wonderer » Sat Jan 10, 2009 1:35 pm


today turning on my Amilo pi1505 i got shocked when i saw almost all left part of my screen with a lighter halo, from upper side to downer large about 3 cm.
I've searched online but didn't find anything useful except the hint that could be a "lamp" problem.
I've bought laptop in the summer of 2006, so i guess it's not a native defect and of course is no more under guarantee.
Any hint on how to solve this problem without substituting the whole screen?
If this wasn't possible then where it's better to buy a new one? On ebay i found for about 70 euros.
I'm actually living in Lithuania, so I cannot find here any easy place where to fix it.

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