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AMILO D7830 probem with starting up

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AMILO D7830 probem with starting up

Postby tomba » Sun Jan 18, 2009 5:26 pm

Hello all,

I have an AMILO D7830 laptop. Recently, I have some problem with booting up. When I switch on the power, the fan is running and there is activity of CD rom, but I couldnot see any activity in Hard drive and the screen is also totally blank. Sometimes, when I just move the laptop, it shut down automatically...then oneday, it automatically start up but I cannot move the laptop as it shut down automatically.
But after someday, I started the laptop but again the same old problem has started, with a blank screen. To my knowledge, I remove the laptop casing and even try different solutions but of no results.
To my surprise, when i took out the ATI Graphic card from the Mother Board slot , and start the laptop, there i could hear activity of hard drive for a while but the laoptop shut down automatically after 5-6 sec. Then, I inserted the Graphic card on the motherboard slot and place it a bit lose in the slot and started the laptop. Then, in this case, I found the screen power comes up but the system doesnot boot up and there is no hard drive activites. After shuting down, i firmly placed the graphic card firmly in the Mother board slots, then restart the laptop again. Here,in this situation, i found again the screen goes completely blank without scréen power. I am thinking whether its a Graphic card problem or something related to Motherboard.
I am unable to decide its real causes since sometimes, i get back to normal and sometimes, it would display and boot up anything on the montior.

Any suggestions and solutions would be appreciated...

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