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stuttering /echoey DVD drive amilo 1505

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stuttering /echoey DVD drive amilo 1505

Postby marine weasel » Mon Jan 19, 2009 11:48 am

first off its great to see there s actually a site for this kind of thing -it reinstates my enthusiasm for the computer cosmos - as you might have already sussed i m a novice at this .
i ve got an Amilo 1505 with a DVD drive which is all stuttery and vibratery on the visuals and audio.

about 6 months ago someone solved the exact same problem with a firmware installation. thing is i m on my own now - could anyone suggest what i need to do?
Is this kind of thing pretty standard? does it happen all the time?
Any help would be most gratefully received
( another problem is i m on the internet via a 3 GM mobile connection- do i need to relocate to a broadband connection in order to download the necessary ? )
marine weasel
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