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Upgrade of CPU, RAM and Graphic card for Pi 2540

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Upgrade of CPU, RAM and Graphic card for Pi 2540

Postby bushako » Thu Jan 22, 2009 1:18 am

Hi Guys,

Before i begine i have to say i tried google and it was more like a waste of time. I also searched the forums here and i did find some infos but it was not sufficient.

I own a Amilo Pi 2540 that came with the Intel Pentium Dual Core 1.6 ghz and you know the rest with the 2gb, hd2400 yada yada. Since i ran into some inefficiency related to hardware with a few games and programs, i was forced to decide whether to buy a new latop or simply upgrade the hardware. However, when it came to upgrading i also have to consider the ratio of cost to perfomance.

These are a few of the things i managed to understand about my laptop while going through the forums.
1. the laptop can be upgraded to an Intel Core 2 duo a mobile version of T8100.
2. there are 2 slots for the ram with one of them located beneath the keyboard and the second easily accessible from under the laptop.
3. this wasnt in the forum but when i opened the back cover i noticed the Graphic card seems to be removable hence upgradeable(thats what i assumed but not sure.)

Firstly, I was hoping if someone can help me with the exact specification of the processor so that when i go to the store i dont need to hastle with sales person and keep explaining. I also need to know a rough estimate of the price.

Secondly, i need to know how i can access the first slot for the ram which is located beneath the keyboard. Atleast a step by step procedure is required since im going to be doing the procedure myself.

Thirdly, if the graphic card is upgradeable then what other models can fit in and also the cost?

If possible please feel free to explain whether buying or upgrading a laptop would be the wiser choice. Im only a student and currently on a budget.

Any help is greatly appreciated from anyone.
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