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Disable soundcard

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Disable soundcard

Postby Stormen » Sun Feb 08, 2009 3:26 pm


I'm having some trouble with an Amilo A1630. The sound has been somewhat troublesome for a while, disturbance/bad sound etc. One day Windows wouldn't boot normaly, only i failsafe. I tried to re-install XP, but it halts when it's trying to install units, I've tried with different discs, no success. Found an old copy of Windows 98 and tried it out. Works until the soundcarddrivers is installed! To me its pretty obvious that the soundcard is f**ked up, but what to do? I haven't found any options in BIOS to disable it. Is there a hidden BIOS?
I've also tried updating BIOS and hardware reset, made no difference. Is the only solution to throw it in the lake? Kinda glad its not mine :wink:
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