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CD/DVD drive not recognised on Amilo Pro V2030D

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CD/DVD drive not recognised on Amilo Pro V2030D

Postby ccaspell » Thu Mar 05, 2009 12:38 pm

My Amilo Pro V2030D stopped loading window XP. After getting to Mup.sys I get a rapid blue screen and the system restarts. Will not restart in safe mode of any variety.

So I thought the simplest thing to do was to reinstall windows. I have the CD that came with the machine, plus a number of other install disks and there is nothing on the machine that I want to keep.

Changed the BIOS so that it starts from CD first, but it keeps coming back to the "restart windows in safe mode etc" screen (i.e. from the HDD rather than the CD). I have replaced the CD/DVD combo-drive with another identical drive (Philips SCB5265) but the same problem occurs.

The CD/DVD drive spins up OK and all the lights are on so I know that it is working but there doesn't seem anywhere in the BIOS to check whether the BIOS has seen the drive. Equally, when I press F12 for the Boot Menu, all I see is "4. Hard Drive".

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get the machine to see the CD/DVD drive? If not, any ideas on how to reinstall windows XP on this machine?

Thanks in advance.

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