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Sudden shutdowns and very hot laptop

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Sudden shutdowns and very hot laptop

Postby Affi » Fri Mar 06, 2009 7:22 am

Hi to all in this forum.

I have a few problems with my Fsc Xa Amilo 2528. I have Windows 7 installed, with all compatible drivers, but I have a few problems with this awesome laptop.

1) It makes a lot noise when I am in the classroom. It's really really noisy, and even when CPU is 0 it still makes a very big noise It's like the cooler just continues to cool things down.
2) The laptop gets very hot at the bottom. So hot that it sometimes causes sudden shutdowns. And then there is a orange light in the laptop. The hotness is so brutal that if you place your hand on the bottom of the laptop you may register a degree note of 50 C.

How can these problems be solved? I am going to exams in the future and would like to write my essay without the danger of sudden shutdown, and lost examstime.

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Re: Sudden shutdowns and very hot laptop

Postby hikaru » Fri Mar 06, 2009 11:42 am

Most likely you have a hardware problem like a dusty fan grill or a bad connection between CPU/GPU and the heatpipe.
Another possibility could be that the beta of Windows 7 doesn't support ACPI correctly on your notebook yet. Why do you use a beta-OS on a critical machine?

You should check your CPU- and GPU-temperatures with a tool like Everest.
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