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pi 3540 keyboard spill

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pi 3540 keyboard spill

Postby bobbybob bobbybob » Sat Mar 07, 2009 11:15 am


I`m having troubles typing on my amilo pi 3540 laptop after spilling accidentally a small quantity(about 1-2 ml) of face cleaning lotion on the right side of the keyboard.It was such a poor spill that I didn`t worried much.I didn`t even turn off the laptop.I dried the keys and the space beftween with a cloth.A couple of minutes after I`ve opened Word and Excel and I`ve begun typing to check if there was any problem with the keyboard...and it was.the letters typed on the keyboard didn`t match with that on the screen. I`ve turned off the laptop, I`ve took out the battery, pulled out the keys from the keyboard(those who I`ve thought it might be still wet and begun to dry the place with the hair dryer(not warm). after that I`ve .put the battery in place and checked if it was ok,but the problem was the same.I`ve took out the battery once again and let it upside down over night.this morning I`ve checked again, but the problem persists, instead of
q types xq
a types a1
x types xq
f types ft
c types c3
1 types a1
t types ft
n types nu
u types nu
j types ,j
p types .p
. types .p
and so on with some symbols.
the irony is that the producer says that the keyboard is spill proof (up to 50 ml)
I would be thankful if you advise me how to fix my problem.
bobbybob bobbybob
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Re: pi 3540 keyboard spill

Postby dawner » Sun May 29, 2011 7:38 pm

Hello bobby,

Did you manage to fix this problem, because something similar happened to me. I spilled a little of water on keyboard and now it is acting weird.

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Re: pi 3540 keyboard spill

Postby silverarrow » Mon May 30, 2011 2:35 pm

Handy trick to know; power off computer; place the laptop in an upside-down position to prevent spill seeping further into the keyboard. Let it dry completely, like hours and even over night. When dry it might work fine again, of not keyboard needs to be replaced. Oils are sticky stuff are worse than pure water. A cup of cappuchino have been known to kill computers, or at least major disassembling and clean up. Keyboards are often easy to replace.
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