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Fujitsu-Siemens Pi 2550 - Trouble with BIOS

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Fujitsu-Siemens Pi 2550 - Trouble with BIOS

Postby stepan007 » Sun Mar 08, 2009 11:18 pm


There was a following problem with the laptop fujitsu-siemens amilo pi 2550. After several manipulations with a bios, now it at passage of a stage of loading bios (there is a strip and it is possible to choose "to come into adjustment bios" and "whence to be loaded") almost in the end of a strip it simply hangs. Not to be loaded further and in bios it is impossible to come. Well and now all history...

1. About 3 days ago has stitched the laptop last insertion of version 1.15 from site through windows-flash program. At once I will tell that cmos I did not null adjustment.

2. Yesterday have disconnected light and at full battery notebook began to hang. At loading even in bios - hangs, and the light-emitting diode of the battery showed nothing in general. At work without the battery - all to be loaded, but not windows not linux I could not put - winxp with the fed sata-driver - hangs after the first reboot in the course of installation, vista/windows 7 - hang in the installation beginning, mandriva/opensuse hang at loading. Also it was revealed that the key "an arrow to the left" did not work. After Keyboard Test has seen that "the arrow to the left" is closed on left ctrl (so its program defined, that and actions in ON coincided with left ctrl). Also has found out that does not work F9 in general. And at attempt to make "load defaults" - it did norms, then at once I go in "save and exit" or in "save" - I press on "Yes" and notebook hangs. A problem obviously with bios.

3. Began to alter bios. Has read in an Internet that many advise to disconnect the screw at an insertion and has removed it. Well and about combinations Fn+Esc and Fn+B and inclusion Power too has read, though they like and for external usb floppy. Since cd-r/dvd-r was not, and with loading from boottable flash drive too it did not wish to be loaded (as it was found out later - not into that socket usb stuck) has put fat32, has put dos on the screw, has thrown flasher phlash16 and a file with a bios file. Has started - it was stitched (only not as write - to 1 mines, at me somewhere it was sewed for 3-5 minutes), ноут it was cut down. I include - an arrow, F9, the battery indicator. At loading Defaults and preservation attempt - also hangs. Attempts was pieces 5. Then has still read that it is necessary boottable usb flash drive to put in all ubs-ports and try, and then the reinsertion has gone from usb flash drive. It was stitched minutes through 2 it was switched off - but there were same problems.

4. Has thought that it is necessary to take out a battery - parametres cmos to be nulled (as well as about functions "load defaults" in bios). I am flash again from usb flash drive, after notebook power off I has removed a cmos battery of minutes on 10 for zeroing. I powered on...

5. But after zeroing, notebook at all does not pass a loading stage of bios about what it is written at the very beginning of a post... No combinations help with/without usb flash drive - simply hangs.

PS Such impression that the battery held last normal parametres with which it though in general was loaded...

Like all did as many at forums wrote that it helps and eliminates problems with bios. But it has turned out - became even worse. Actually the question, what it can be? Also what for me waits, it is very similar on a microcircuit bios - in authorised service center (Ukraine, Donetsk) it will replace or will tell it is necessary to change all motherboard?

Also the question interests, I untwisted bolts and uncovered the laptop (to remove HDD and to remove a battery cmos) and flash bios - whether it influences somehow a guarantee? Naturally, any mechanical damages are not present.

All responded thankful in advance for answers!
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