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li1705 and No Audio device

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li1705 and No Audio device

Postby o1nk » Wed Mar 11, 2009 7:53 pm

Right .... I am at my wits end and the hair is rapidly leaving my head

Let me set the scene
I reformatted my Amilo and installed the recovery disc
Everything fine
On loading the desktop, no audio .... strange
I installed the driver from the extra driver disc
'We can't find HD Audio device'
Installed Everest and it shows that my Via8237 HD is there on the PCI/PnP Audio and HD Audio sections, but not on the Windows Audio section

There is no option in the bios for the audio
Drivers always give me the nice pop up saying it isn't there
services.msc says Windows Audio is working

Any ideas?
I think I am overlooking something here
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