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XP audio driver installation for Amilo Pa 2510

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XP audio driver installation for Amilo Pa 2510

Postby Corpse » Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:13 am

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to share some experience on installing the audio driver once downgraded from OEM Windows Vista to XP on Amilo Pa 2510.

I installed the OS and all the drivers flawlessly (the drivers are taken from the links of this thread topic,23,-Drivers-for-Windows.html) except the audio driver. The installation would just stop with an error message.

After googling for a while I found a solution:
To install the audio driver,
- go to the Device Manager (Start -Control Panel -System - Hardware - Device Manager),
- Disable "Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio"
- Uninstall "MS UAA Bus Driver"
- Install the downloaded audio driver.
This will let the system install the driver and it will work after the reboot the same way as it did on Vista.

Hope this can help smb.

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