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Ui 3520 fan noise is unbelievable

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Ui 3520 fan noise is unbelievable

Postby StardustOne » Sat Mar 28, 2009 5:15 pm


I bought the Ui 3520 a few days ago and I am completely disappointed by the intermitting fan noise that this computer generates. The silent mode does not help much, I still hear the fan. It is whining and there is a high annoying pitch that gets worse when the fan really kickes in (it has at least 4 steps of speed to adjust and it does this constantly). It is never silent, not even with the silent feature on. Oh yes it is silent, if it is cold for 5 minutes and then the fan trouble starts.

Do other Fujitsu Ui 3520 machines also produce such horrible noises? If I am in my living room, I can hear the whining noise and the speed changes from the Ui 3520 that is on my kitchen table, it is really horrible.

Any suggestions? The system is brand new. It is extremely getting on my nerves that the fan constantly changes speed. I had the Toshiba NB100 in my hands (a colleague has one) and this machine did never ever change the fan speed, it was not even audible when I was sitting next to the sytem. I did stress test both systems with CPU Burn-in (2 instances) and the Fujitsu was spinning it's fan like it would soon lift off. The Toshiba NB100 was whisper quiet.

I am so disappointed of the Fujitsu Ui 3520 fan noise that despite the fact it is a solid machine I don't want to keep it. BIOS does not have fan control and I don't know how to set the fan to a non changing rpm every few seconds mode, therefore I suppose this is a non-keeper :(.
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