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How I reduced the heating on PA2510

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How I reduced the heating on PA2510

Postby Corpse » Fri Apr 03, 2009 9:20 am

I came to a problem that is not unique for quite a lot of Amilo users lately.

MY Amilo PA 2510 started heating heavily and one day it even shut down abruptly once reached 100C. I have downloaded and installed the utility that could measure the temperature of the CPU and HD (found in one of the posts) and set it to shut down automatically once reaching CPU temperature of 105C.
So, I have decided to do smth about it:

To make the story short, I unscrewed 40 screws or so and took off the back cover of the notebook - there were no warranty seals, so I have to admit that I was doing it at my own risk and I was completely sure that I wanted to do it.

I tried to take out the cooler and the copper radiator, but was unable to do so, cause they were blocked by something.
Then I noticed that the cooler and the radiator were attached to each other by black sticky line. I took it out and saw some other instance that reminded to a hick. I started taking it out carefully, but then I understood that this hick was actually dust that stuck to the sticky line, preventing the cooler to blow the heat out of the ventilator.

I stole some cotton sticks from my wife's and used them to clean everything from the dust.

Then I unscrewed the copper radiator and took it out, fixed the thermo paste on the CPU and BIOS/additional unit, unscrewed the cooler (fixed by two screws), cleaned it and put all the parts to their original places.

Once I started the PC again, the temperature would never reach 70C even if I run anti-virus scanning in conjunction with 3 virtual machines running on VmWare. I think I would even be able to play some video game at the same time :)

I hope this might probably help someone, but keep in mind that you should be absolutely sure that you wanna do it. If you are not sure what to do, then I would suggest taking the PC to the service.
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Re: How I reduced the heating on PA2510

Postby Nitrous_Oxide » Fri Apr 03, 2009 9:51 am


This is good info, which is appropiate for most notebooks.
Heat problems are in my opinion mostly (or always) caused bij blocked airflow or dryed out thermal paste.

So it even isn't a bad idea to clean your fans and change thermal paste at least once a year.

Like u say there are indeed some risks when opening a notebook, but you just have to take the time for it.
And if you don't feel confident about it, take it to an FSC dealer and let them clean it for u.

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