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RAM Amilo D1845

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RAM Amilo D1845

Postby geh » Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:24 pm

hm...this is a short question..usualy my problems get fixed prettey'll ask the erase the thread after 4 days:) question is..what type of RAM memory do i need for my notebook...becouse..i really dunno whitch type to search for...and..does it really support over 1 GB of ram??:-S
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Re: RAM Amilo D1845

Postby hikaru » Wed Apr 08, 2009 10:26 am

According to the datasheet you need SO-DIMM DDR (not DDR2 or 3) PC-2700. PC-3200 should work too.
Your chipset supports 2GB of RAM. I don't know if your BIOS does but I would give it a try.
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