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Amilo PA1538 freezes randomly. Happens when WLAN isn't used?

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Amilo PA1538 freezes randomly. Happens when WLAN isn't used?

Postby gixx » Wed Apr 22, 2009 11:10 am

in this last period this notebook, which gave me lots of troubles before, sometimes freezes suddenly: the mouse cursor locks and all application stops responding. I can be working on a document, watching a movie or playing a game, the system stops responding and I can only see the last frame. The sound (if I was using an application with sound) loops rapidly for 1-2 seconds, before stopping, and the only thing that I can do is a cold reboot. This is not a mouse cursor issue (I have already reduced the graphic acceleration bar one step lower), because all apllications (including Windows XP itself) stops responding.
This problems happened very frequently (once in 10-30 minutes) in this period, but I noticed something very strange: the problem happened only when I am NOT connected to WLAN nets: I went to holiday on the last two weekends, and I went to places without WLAN nets to which I could connect. There, the problem happened very frequently. Here at home or at work, where I am always connected to WLAN nets, the problem does not happens at all, and I have used the notebook without problems even for 24 hours continuously.
Anyone can help?
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