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Instant-On reinstall puzzle

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Instant-On reinstall puzzle

Postby Saguaro » Fri May 08, 2009 7:33 pm

Bought a used Amilo M3438G and decided to replace 80Gb Samsung HM080JI HDD with a new Seagate 320Gb ST9320421AS. Installed XP with all drivers, but can't find a way to successfully install Instant-On.
Have no disk with drivers, downloaded a program from F-S site. Setup ends up OK, but after pressing Instant-On button, system boots to blank black screen. After pause a message appears: "HardWare Initiate failed, Please Check Device!!! The Bios does not be installed. Press <g> to continue!" XP boots up OK.
Have tried everything I could think up: installed XP (and then Instant-On) on FAT32 and NTFS, tried to leave an unpartitioned space before and after active partition, tried to leave an unformatted partition - nothing helps. It seems that setup just doesn't correctly write a bootloader, but I can't understand why.
Is there any solution for this and what can be a reason? Any help would be much appreciated...
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Re: Instant-On reinstall puzzle

Postby aspettl » Wed May 13, 2009 10:06 am

This message
Hardware Initiate Failed Please Check the Device!!! The BIOS does not be installed. Press <g> to continue

probably isn't an error caused by InstantOn - at least there are many search engine results not related to InstantOn.
Check your hdd cable and reset your BIOS settings, maybe that helps.

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Re: Instant-On reinstall puzzle

Postby Saguaro » Wed May 13, 2009 5:40 pm

I've mentioned the error message just for reference - it's source is rather some Realtek hardware, probably LAN adapter (seen after pressing <g>).
When I press power button, the system boots up fine, Windows XP starts OK, with no errors. The error message appears only when Instant-On button pressed. As far as I understand, that button calls for Instant-On bootloader, which is just absent (in my case) - hence the error arises. Can't understand why that bootloader cannot be correctly written during program setup - what is the problem...
Searched the Internet thoroughly, still have no solution yet. Thanks for the reply...
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