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Can I change the display on my amilo A?

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Can I change the display on my amilo A?

Postby smurf » Mon May 11, 2009 4:44 pm

Hi everyone, I´m new here and I hope I can get some help, I called the fujitsu-siemens support and the girl there couldn´t help me. I have a Amilo A 1650g with a broken display. It got chrushed when i fell on it... I have spoken to a repairman who says i could buy another computer and change the whole part, but it never seems to be anyone other broken computers for sale... I can now buy either a amilo 1645 or a amilo 1655 quite cheap, but can i use those screens on my computer? I have a Amilo A 1650g... If you look on pictures, the 1655 is looking more similar to my computer than 1645. Can someone please help me?
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