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Xi 2528 no audio through HDMI

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Xi 2528 no audio through HDMI

Postby curtj » Tue May 26, 2009 7:49 pm

Hi all. This looks like a forum I'll be visiting frequently! :)

I have an Xi2528, and had XP running on it for the last year, but thought I may as well get used to Vista which was preinstalled when I bought it new - installed Vista and all drivers from original disks but the machine kept on freezing intermittently with no pattern to it. After trying out several things I updated the gpu driver (which was a nightmare until I found this site) I installed 185.51 from laptopvideo2go which worked a treat with the modified inf file, it's not crashed since, and works very well, although the nvidia control panel is a bit different (there doesn't seem to be a control for multiple desktop types - just horizontal span or clone).

Anyway - I'm using the 2528 on my philips TV 32PFL5403D, connected using a HDMI cable with the laptop tucked away under the TV, using a remote mouse and keyboard. When I go into nvidia control panel and go to 'change signal or HD format' it shows a DVI connector in use although I'm actually using a HDMI, yet when I used the original GPU driver it showed it correctly as using HDMI which makes me think it's a driver problem.
The dropdown gives no alternative

The main problem with this is that I cannot get audio through the HDMI as it thinks it's DVI. Can anyone help me fix this?

Thanks - Curt.
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Re: Xi 2528 no audio through HDMI

Postby aspettl » Thu May 28, 2009 3:03 pm

It's likely that the original FSC driver contains some modifications. Did you already check the website of Fujitsu for a newer (officially supported) driver?

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