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Amilo Pa 2548 Connection Problem

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Amilo Pa 2548 Connection Problem

Postby RobCurtis » Sat Jun 06, 2009 12:18 pm

First off im new here and i dont know much so be kind :P

Right,my laptop was working fine, until earlier yesterday, i got a virus, the virus was wmcodec I Was using Norton Internet Security too....
It didn't let me open up Mozilla or IE ( I am unaware if this is the problem which caused it, i was able to use msn and stuff whilst i had the virus [ when i opened Mozilla it came up with this window saying Mozilla FireFox has crashed, IE just shut down and said it didn't work])
I have reinstalled windows Vista, but i cant find ANY Networks at all, i know for a fact that there is 3 around here because one of em is my own, i cant pick up any networks and i cant turn on Network Discovery either.
I dont know nothing about laptop's driver's and all of that so all help will be greatly appreciated.
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