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Black Screen on Amilo Pi 1505

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Black Screen on Amilo Pi 1505

Postby dominus_matthaeus » Fri Jun 19, 2009 1:45 pm

My Amilo Pi 1505 bought in May 2007 was working fine when I shut it down Wednesday night. Thursday morning, without even having moved it, all that appeared when I switched it on was a black screen. The battery light & assorted sounds still seem to be activating when I switch it on, but no way I can tell whether or not Windows is booting.

Any chance this can be fixed?

I've tried conneting the PC to an external monitor but nothing happens, probably because I can't get into Windows. Is there any way to activate the external screen without being able to log into windows to check what I'm doing?

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Re: Black Screen on Amilo Pi 1505

Postby hikaru » Sun Jun 21, 2009 9:16 pm

You can switch between internal and external display by pressing Fn+F4 (multiple times).

You can check whether Windows booted by trying to shut it down blindly. I've never done this on an english system but I guess pressing [Windows] -> [Up] -> [Enter] -> [S] should do the trick. Maybe you'll have to log in blindly as well, depending on your setup. Pressing [Tab] two times and then [Enter] should log in the first user in the login screen.

You might want to try this on a system with a working screen.
If this was successfull the notebook should switch off on its own.
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