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Return of the "brrr-bug" ...

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Return of the "brrr-bug" ...

Postby Thrives » Sat Jun 20, 2009 9:27 pm

Hello Everybody,
Hello everybody ...

I have just taken delivery on a

Fujitsu AMILO Xa3530 17"WXGA+ Radeon HD3650 (512mb), Athlon QL62, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD, Blu-Ray, Bluetooth, VHP

And as much as I like the rig, I think I have contracted the dreaded "brr-bug" (topic,2009,-Troubles-whith-sound-brrrr-while-play.html?hilit=sound)

... or more aptly, they probably sent me a lemon those buggers since it is brand new.

Basically, it does it during gameplay as well as during regular sound playback (Itunes, online radio, etc). During games (like e.g. UT3) the sound issue is also followed by nasty lag/glitch.

So, my question (with a trembling heart) Is there any known solution to this problem or will I have to send the thing back and have them ship a new one?

A general question ... is this a widespread issue? I mean, if it is ... it would lower my esteem for F-Siemens quite some bit.

best wishes

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