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Amilo M1425 - not powering up at all

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Amilo M1425 - not powering up at all

Postby quinch » Tue Jul 21, 2009 8:27 am

Recently and suddenly my Amilo M1425 has refused to power up. The "lock" indicators and the HDD indicators light up for approximately 5 seconds and then turn off again and it never gets as far as turning the HDD over.

Obviously, I've done a key word search on these forums and can't perform the BIOS or hardware resets in the FAQ.

Is the Amilo M1425 battery dependant for start up? I'm running from mains, have checked multiple power sockets so its not a power feed issue from mains. The battery charge status indicator does light up occasionally so the battery/PSU is getting power in.

Would appreciate any help. Thanks.
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