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Amilo L7310GW not starting up

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Amilo L7310GW not starting up

Postby shinrahunter » Thu Jul 23, 2009 10:05 am

Hello, I've had this laptop for a couple of years and last night th escreen went blank and it wouldn't respond to anything which meant I had to pull the plug manually.
Now when I switch it on does the following:

fails to start 1st time, I hear the fan come on then a click and it silence then it does it again. It does this 9 times before becoming stable.
The screen remains blank throughout the whole process.
My adapter light is flashing green (which apparently means it's in standby mode - but I can't find any info on this standby mode)

I have tried starting it without the battery in but that makes no difference.

Can anyone help me? I'm a gfx artist and I need my laptop :cry:

I've just tried connecting it to an external screen and that's still blank so it's not the screen.
Also, the disc drive light is on permanently and no others are working (caps lock/ num lock etc)
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