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Li 3710, Wireless Networks Disappear

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Li 3710, Wireless Networks Disappear

Postby Boywonder » Tue Jul 28, 2009 10:01 pm

Just got this laptop yesterday, I really want to like it (it looks and feels a million times better than the Acer it has replaced), BUT; first there was a problem with Windows Easy Transfer, I tried it twice and both times it got stuck while transferring one of the Hotkeys for Windows Media Player. So both times I cancelled and just gave up in the end.

When I looked for wireless networks they will show up (yes I have switched the wireless on and the driver says it is working). I can even connect to my router for about 5 minutes. Then, the connection will stop working and the laptop will not detect ANY wireless connections. This is not a router problem, as there are about 5 other routers that are always switched on in my street. After around 5 minutes they all disappear. It is nothing to do with signal strength, and it makes no difference even if the laptop is in the same room as the router. Frankly this is doing my head in. Could it be that Windows Easy Transfer has caused a problem with the laptop? Since I have just turned it on yesterday, there is no fire wall or anything like that to cause this problem.
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Re: Li 3710, Wireless Networks Disappear

Postby aspettl » Thu Jul 30, 2009 12:40 pm

Did you already look for a newer wireless driver?
Maybe there's also a firmware upgrade available for your router - sometimes there may be incompatibilities.

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