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Update BIOS for Amilo Xi 2528

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Update BIOS for Amilo Xi 2528

Postby mickewe » Sat Aug 01, 2009 11:35 pm


Reading on the homepage for FJS I realize I need to update BIOS for my Amilo Xi 2528, since I've got the problem described, i.e. my notebook went black when my boys were playing pc-games and now it will not even boot... it stops during booting and last file read is crcdisk.sys, thereafter the computer sais wait and after 30-60 seconds the screen goes black.

The problem occurs like this: The screen is all black, but I can press F2, F8 or F10. If I then press FN+F10 I can see what's on the screen :D . I've tried to start in failsafe mode, using the recovery DVD etc, but I can come no further, the computer will restart before Windows will start working.

So, after reading the instructions on the FJS website I believe updating BIOS possibly will solve the problem with my notebook. My problem is that the instructions mention a zip-file or an image file, but I can only find an exe-file to be used from within Windows (which is the problem, I can't get there 8) ) Can someone help me to get hold of the image or zip-file to be used? (By the way, is it the same approach to use an USB-memory as an floppy disc for reflashing BIOS?)

I don't believe I have warranty, since I got this computer as replacement for an older one which was replaced, due to it wasn't possible to repair - the graphics card... But I have only had this computer around 15-18 months...

These are the instructions from FJS website:

There are two possibilities to flash the BIOS.

1. using a Floppy Disc (if available):
Please unzip the received ""
After running Xi25281.16C.exe the BIOS Update files will be copied to
an inserted floppy disc.

After this the medium should contain the following files:

Readme.TXT (this file)

2. using a CD:
Burn the received iso file "FTS_BIOSFlashISOCDImageAMILOXi25281.16C_xxxxx.ISO"
to the CD.

To flash your BIOS, boot from the medium into DOS-mode and run flash.bat.

And this is the more general information about the mandatory BIOS-update:
Mandatory BIOS update
Some Fujitsu notebooks are experiencing long-term faults in their graphics displays. This is due to faulty graphics cards and chipsets. The problem can be remedied by replacing the graphics card or motherboard. During the warranty this repair is performed by us free-of-charge:

The following AMILO Notebook systems may be affected:

- AMILO Notebook Xi 2528

The following errors may occur:

* Development of stripes on the display / garbage on the display
* Display does not work at all
* System does not boot

For precautionary action you may update your Bios.

If your system doesn`t show one or more of these symptoms we strongly recommend to update your system with the latest BIOS version available for download on our support pages.

If your system is showing one or more of the mentioned failure pictures please contact your local service helpdesk.


Flash - BIOS

Filetyp: EXE BIOS Windows Flash (32) - Winflash_AMILO Xi2528 Version: 1.16C Date: 02.04.2009
Size: 1,63 MB Status: Released for AMILO Xi 2528

Language: Supports all languages

Thanks in advance for your help!

Best Regards,

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Re: Update BIOS for Amilo Xi 2528

Postby aspettl » Sun Aug 02, 2009 1:30 pm

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