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Amilo Pa3553 problems

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Amilo Pa3553 problems

Postby overboost » Sat Aug 22, 2009 4:21 pm

Hi there, haven't found anything about what I want to ask or just don't know how to search... 4 months ago bought an amilo pa 3553, and after 3 months of using desided to reinstall windows(before was Vista Home Premium real crap :evil: ), cause worked very buggy with my audio programs like Rane Serato and Ableton Live... when tried to reinstall windows xp computer crashed when apeared words: setup is loading windows. So brought to guarantee center and they changed my hdd and ventilation propeler. So now I have installed xp but windows just find that I have processor with only 1.09 GHz and 2.21 gb of ram instead of 2.1ghz and 4gb ram... Maybe someone know why???

P.S. New here, sry if I made smthing wrong and sorry for my english skills, hope you'll understand what I'm asking :roll:
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Re: Amilo Pa3553 problems

Postby hikaru » Tue Aug 25, 2009 9:49 am

The wrong CPU frequency is a well known bug of WinXP. Actually the frequency of your CPU is correct but due to power saving reasons it will be clocked down if not all the computing power is needed. This is the case most of the time and if you check the frequency during this time Windows wil report the clocked down speed.
Just use another tool like Everest or NHC to check the frequency or give your CPU some hard job to do (e.g. computing the factorial of a big number) and check the frequency while this job is running.

The available RAM is in fact that low because the address space of the AGP aperture size lies within the first 4GB of the memory and has to be subtracted from these 4GB. As a rule of thumb: The bigger the memory of your graphics card, the higher is the AGP aperture size and the lower is the maximum available RAM. This has nothing to do with shared memory graphics but with the way the BIOS and/or the OS address the memory.
You will need a 64bit OS to use more RAM but the Amilos (and other consumer notebooks) have proven to have a very poor BIOS that does not allow to circumvent the addressing of the AGP aperture size even with a 64bit OS.
To make it short: What you observe is annoying but unfortunately normal and there is nothing you can do about it.
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