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D6820 Graphics card problem

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D6820 Graphics card problem

Postby markodimarko » Sun Mar 26, 2006 2:47 pm

Hello everybody.I guess I'm the first to start a thread in the graphics forum and I hope there can be someone out there who can help me :)
I have an Amilo D6820 that has a very strange problem. When I boot it up, the graphics on the screen are all scrambled. You can only see pixels of random colors. You can't understand what it's trying to show, just that it's trying to display something. Apart from that, it works normal. It boots into Windows. As long as it's running, it shows scrambled graphics.If I leave it running in Windows for about 5 minutes and then restart it, when the screen lights up again, everything is normal again! Now as long as it keeps running and even if I restart it, everything works perfectly! But if I shut it down and leave it closed for over a minute, everything is scrambled again, until I restart it after 5 minutes! I have opened the laptop and I test it these days, totally open.
It looks like there might be a temperature issue, but I know some devices have problem when they heat up, not cold down! I have already tried changing the power supply,the CPU and the RAM modules, without any luck. I have read about another D6820 on ebay that has a similar problem. Does anybody have an idea of what might be wrong? Is there a chance of a faulty screen or the inverter of the screen? I would really appreciate any suggestion, cause it's a nice laptop and don't want to throw it like that.
Thank you in advance. Marios
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Postby Borkar » Sun Mar 26, 2006 3:07 pm

I would assume there is a thin crack in one of the wires on the mainboad. If the notebook gets hotter, the wire increases due to thermal expansion and the connection is given. If the notebook is cold, the wire can hardly conduct.
I think you have to call FSC support. I can't do anything for you from here.

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