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M3438G Cold Start issue

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M3438G Cold Start issue

Postby kountzero » Mon Aug 31, 2009 3:38 pm

I have an Amilo M3438G that is a nightmare to fire up from cold.

~Exactly the same problem as show in this Youtube clip from a while back

I assume it is down to a cold solder joint but i cant seem to nail down where the fault would lie ie. on The Power Board or on the Mobo itself.
When the machine is warm it shuts down/powers on normally and works with no issues at all. I seem to remember a topic on a forum that mentioned an SMC power controller IC that was prone to having solder issues but it doesnt appear to have one in the same package type or so i believe.

3 days of googling just seems to bring me round in circles, a fair few people with the same problem but no real resolution. I guess i havent found the right search string yet. ><
It has a new Bios Battery installed too btw. that was the first thing i tried. I refuse to give up the old Girl as apart from this lazy starting she seems to be one of the more well behaved offspring from the *34* series judging by all the other issues people have had.

Any advice greatly appreciated.
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