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For sale (at cost price) inverter for pi 1505

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For sale (at cost price) inverter for pi 1505

Postby damonbotley » Sun Sep 06, 2009 6:47 pm

For sale: 1 brand new inverter for amilo pi 1505. Still boxed. I'll sell for what it cost me, which was £8 plus p&p, so say £10 total.

If you're wondering why I've got it, I had the common problem of the inverter cable fraying and affecting the screen. I bought a new cable and an inverter, the latter just in case I'd mis-diagnosed. As it turned out it was just the cable so I now have a spare inverter. Don't be ripped off, this is for sale on ebay for thirty quid, so save yourself some cash.

Any questions, reply to this post.
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