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amilo-xi1526-upgrade video card

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amilo-xi1526-upgrade video card

Postby amilo-xi1526 » Fri Sep 11, 2009 5:52 pm

hi all,
like my username says, i have an amilo xi 1526. and the problem here is that i want to play next gen games on this old laptop :cry: . i need a full transformation of my laptop:

-RAM: I already change the ram memory from 512mo to 2.5go by adding 2go.
-Video Card:I still have the nvidia7600, and i want to buy a new video card to run latest games in great conditions.
-Cpu: I have T5600(2mo cache, 1.8ghz)

So, i need your help to replace my nvidia7600 and choose a new video card wich works on my xi1526 motherboard and run my dream games. and why not to change the CPu too.
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